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I help C-level executives and senior decision-makers transform their current analytics teams from reactive and primarily dashboard-generating units into proactive, strategic assets, fostering a sustainable data-informed decision-making culture.

Professional photo of Anirudh Kuthiala who is the sole architect and driving force behind Framework Garage Consulting. His expertise lies in architecting and optimizing analytics strategies, so the role of data moves beyond mere storage and dashboards. At the core of Anirudh's approach is the belief that the true power of data is in its capacity to inform and drive decisions toward business growth. With over 14 years of experience in analytics, Anirudh helps C-suite executives and senior decision-makers transform their current analytics teams from reactive and primarily dashboard-generating units into proactive, strategic assets, fostering a sustainable data-informed decision-making culture.

Enhance Your Analytics Strategy and Connect Data with Decisions to Drive Business Growth.

What You Can Accomplish With Me

Implementing Generative AI in Analytics

Facing lengthy delays from ideation to outcome?

Utilize Generative AI in your analytics to transform your analytics process, accelerating innovation and decision-making, and significantly reducing the time to actionable insights.

Real-Time Data Analysis and Reporting

Need to react faster to changes in business performance?

Leverage real-time data analysis and reporting for agile decision-making. Gain the competitive advantage of responding quickly to customer needs and market trends.

Building an Analytics-Centric Culture

Is data underutilized in your decision-making?

Embed an analytics-centric culture to ensure that every strategy and decision is informed by data. Empower your organization with a culture that values and leverages data for success.

Data Governance in Analytics

Not confident in the data you see in dashboards?

Solid data governance is crucial for ensuring the quality of your analytics. Get accurate, trustworthy insights for confident decision-making.

Analytics-Driven Business Transformation

Facing stagnant growth or outdated processes?

Transform your business with analytics-driven strategies. Discover how data-driven insights can revolutionize your operations and propel growth.

Ready for Tangible Growth in Analytics?
My Consulting Delivers

Clientele I Empower


Seeking to transform their data into strategic business assets, they seek to enhance decision-making processes. They aim to foster a data-driven culture along with incorporating Generative AI, a move expected to revolutionize analytics by boosting productivity, enhancing output quality, reducing missed opportunities, and expediting time from ideation to outcomes.

Hands protectively curving around a luminous display of connected human figures, illustrating C-Suite data-driven decision-making enabled by Framework Garage Consulting. This image embodies the synergy of Analytics Strategy and Generative AI, propelling businesses in E-Commerce, SaaS, Customer Service, and Service industries towards enhanced data-driven decision-making processes.
Graphic showcasing customer satisfaction levels with emoji-like faces and star ratings, signaling analytics improvement in customer service, a priority for SVPs, VPs, and Directors. This visual, tied to Framework Garage Consulting, underscores an analytics strategy that emphasizes the enhancement of data-driven decision-making in customer service operations and product management.

SVPs, VPs, and Directors

Customer Service Operations and Product Teams

Committed to integrating customer contact, feedback, usage research, and self-help data into customer value propositions. They want to approach analytics to drive product innovation, prioritize feature implementation, and enhance customer experience.

B2B Businesses Seeking Analytics Maturity for Their Clients

Aiming to optimize and strengthen their Client’s Business Intelligence infrastructure to advance from basic data reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities.

An infographic provided by Framework Garage Consulting illustrating the growth in analytics maturity, with five levels from 'Descriptive Analytics' to 'Cognitive Analytics'. Each level is associated with more advanced data-driven decision-making capabilities, depicted with icons like charts and brains, and the potential impact on revenue, indicated by increasing dollar sign symbols. This visual encapsulates how better data-driven decision-making leads to higher revenue.

Need a Consulting Partner to Bring Measurable Results at a Fraction of the Cost?

Where I Can Help

KPI-North Star Disconnect

Improvements in KPIs don't impact North Star positively

Weak Business Intelligence Infrastructure

Inadequate insights, poor data quality, and analyst involvement is high and repetitive

Integrating Generative AI

Lack of a strategy and use cases to leverage the benefits of Gen AI in Analytics operations

High Attrition in Analytics Teams

High churn in teams and lengthier times to recruit a backfill

Underutilized Customer Contact Data

Unable to connect insights from customer contact to a larger customer retention strategy

Lack of a Data-Informed Culture

Lack of confidence in the decisions taken toward business growth

Time-Consuming KPI Analysis

Understanding and quantifying movements in KPIs and narrowing where to investigate is more than 30 mins

Misaligned Dashboards

Dashboards don't answer routine business questions

Reactive Analytics Teams

Analytics teams spending 80-100% of their time in new data fetching and dashboard enhancements

Outdated Forecasting Methods

Traditional forecasting techniques have lower accuracy compared to ML powered techniques

Seeking to Maximize Data ROI? Let My Consulting Guide You

My Process

Research and Evaluation

I will conduct a thorough assessment of your current analytics landscape and data literacy. Interview stakeholders to identify key pain points, unaddressed questions, and the potential growth opportunities that lie in unlocking data-driven answers.


I will chart a clear course to elevate your analytics maturity with a tailored roadmap. This roadmap will align with your resources, provides solutions to answer the currently unanswerable questions that hinder business growth, and connects recommendations to measurable ROI, making a compelling case for investing in analytics.

Implementation and Change Management

Recommendations are the blueprint; implementation is where action comes to life. In this stage, I'm dedicated to executing the devised roadmap, turning strategic visions into tangible realities. Working alongside your team, we will navigate any arising challenges and steadfastly progress towards enhanced analytics maturity. This is the phase where plans are actualized, ensuring your business's growth is data-driven.

Data-Driven Growth Blueprint

Elevate your analytics team from execution to strategic autonomy with a custom-crafted Analytics Playbook. This playbook, imbued with my time-tested frameworks, transitions the focus from output to outcome, ensuring your analytics team evolves into a strategic partner continually driving business growth through data-informed decisions.

Aiming for Higher Data-Driven Impact?
Discover How My Consulting Can Help

Why Hire Me

A dynamic visual metaphor from Framework Garage Consulting depicting a decision-centric approach with a colorful jigsaw puzzle and a pinpointed destination path. This image represents the focus on data-driven decision-making for business leaders and dashboard users, highlighting the strategic alignment of analytics strategy optimization to drive impactful business growth.
Illustration from Framework Garage Consulting showcasing a 'Seasoned Analytics Expert' badge, with a montage of analytical icons and charts within a golden triangle, representing Anirudh Kuthiala's extensive 14 years of experience. This emblem encapsulates the expertise and leadership in analytics, emphasizing ROI-driven analytics strategies and the implementation of business-relevant KPIs for financial efficiency and cost savings.
Illustration from Framework Garage Consulting depicting 'Strategic Analytics Leadership,' with a diverse team of professionals engaged in a collaborative discussion around a table with analytical charts and digital devices. The scene conveys 9 years of analytics leadership experience, highlighting the transition from basic reporting to advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as the establishment of Analytics Centers of Excellence for significant business impact.
An infographic from Framework Garage Consulting showcasing 'Customer Journey Acumen' with a visual flow chart of customer touchpoints. It illustrates Anirudh Kuthiala's 12 years of expertise in Customer Service analytics, with a focus on CRM and ETL/ELT processes to navigate the Data Journey. The image emphasizes the strategic use of customer service data to foster customer loyalty and break down organizational silos.
A colorful trio of interlocking puzzle pieces representing 'Framework-Driven Solutions' offered by Framework Garage Consulting. The graphic symbolizes the implementation of practical frameworks within analytics operations, embodying structured and strategic thinking for creating scalable and efficient BI infrastructures. This illustrates the commitment to ensuring analytics investments yield high impact through effective strategies.

Decision-Centric Approach

Emphasizing a decision-maker's perspective, my approach always focuses on understanding the key questions leaders need answered. I align analytics to drive strategic decisions and measure its impact on business growth, ensuring your teams work on impactful projects.

Seasoned Analytics Expert

With a 14-year analytics career progressing from analyst to Director, I've successfully implemented ROI-driven analytics strategies with clear links to business-relevant KPIs, including dollar values and cost savings.

Strategic Analytics Leadership

In over 9 years of leadership, I've developed strategies elevating analytics from basic reporting to advanced stages, including predictive and prescriptive analysis. My focus on establishing Analytics Centers of Excellence has driven measurable business impacts and cultivated a proactive, strategic mindset in analytics teams.

Customer Journey Acumen

With over 12 years in customer service analytics, I bring deep understanding of customer journeys across support, sales, and marketing. Leveraging my expertise in CRMs and ETL/ELT processes, I effectively integrate data from diverse touchpoints to inform decisions and dismantle organizational silos.

Framework-Driven Solutions

I've successfully implemented frameworks within the analytics lifecycle to address recurring issues, ensuring analytics investments yield high impact. These frameworks lay the groundwork for scalable and efficient BI infrastructures, prioritizing effectiveness throughout.

Ready to Transform Your Analytics Landscape?
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“He has a remarkable ability to strategize and guide the team towards achieving our goals, all while fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. He has always empowered and encouraged me to think creatively and brought in the mindset to build innovative solutions."

- Sithara Sreeramachandra, Analyst

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