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About Anirudh Kuthiala and his journey from an analyst to a Dreictor of Analytics and now a analytics startegy consultant

About Company​

Framework Garage Consulting, established by Anirudh Kuthiala, brings 14 years of expertise in analytics to the forefront of business strategy. The firm is dedicated to architecting and optimizing analytics strategies, significantly enhancing ROI from data investments.

At its heart lies the belief that the true value of data is not in its storage, dashboards, or model accuracies, but in its power to drive decisions toward business growth.

Its services converge on enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making effectiveness, integrating AI, solidifying business intelligence foundations, and advancing analytics maturity. Learn more. 

Partnering with Framework Garage Consulting means investing in data-driven decision-making for measurable business growth.


The pivotal moment in my career came when a mentor introduced me to the profound simplicity of 'following the process.' Much like the stencils we relied on as children to trace perfect letters, I discovered the need for a 'thinking stencil,' a structured framework that could guide me through the labyrinth of data and business complexities. This realization led me to embrace structured thinking and proactively develop frameworks for solving recurring problems. Notably, I didn't restrict this approach to data alone; I expanded it to analytics operations, which aided in fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Over 14 years, I have honed my expertise, observing firsthand how a data-driven culture transforms various domains, from business operations to product innovation. This journey inspired the creation of Framework Garage—a platform where I share my insights, experiences, and tailored strategies in analytics and structured thinking through a blog and a newsletter.


It soon grew beyond a passion, and I founded Framework Garage Consulting. 

At its core, my approach is grounded in two key principles: building trust and relentlessly focusing on one objective—driving your business growth.

Behind the Scenes: My Life Beyond Data

Away from the world of frameworks and analytics, I find joy and inspiration in my personal life. I am a father to two wonderful boys, whose laughter and curiosity fill my days with joy. My wife Shiva is my rock and a partner in crime. Our lives have been rich with the experiences gathered from living in diverse places – from the Himalayas' serenity to Warsaw's captivating beauty, and now, a quaint suburb near Chicago. These experiences, along with insights from authors like Edward De Bono, Dr. Carol Dweck, Angela Duckworth, James Clear, and Simon Sinek, continuously influence my approach to analytics, decision-making, and life.

Anirudh Kuthiala, Framework Garage Consulting
Anirudh Kuthiala, Framework Garage Consulting

Bringing ROI of Structured Thinking to You

My passion is more than a career; it's a commitment to sharing the power of structured thinking with others. Whether it's through strategy consulting, workshops, or coaching, my goal is to transform how you and your business not just interact with data but connect data's value to measurable business growth. I've always believed data's value should be measured by the decisions it drives toward business growth and not from outputs such as reports, dashboards, models, and algorithms. By crafting bespoke analytics strategies and teaching the skills to create your own "thinking stencils," I aim to help you navigate the often overwhelming world of data towards clear, impactful decisions.

Ready to Transform Your Analytics Strategy?

If you're looking to align your data efforts with your business objectives, refine your team's analytical skills, or simply embark on a journey to elevate your business with data-driven decisions, I can help.


At Framework Garage Consulting, you get more than just analytics solutions; you receive the dedicated attention and tailored expertise of a seasoned professional committed to your success.

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