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I will build a clear pathway towards achieving your desired analytics maturity with a tailored roadmap. This roadmap, meticulously crafted, aligns with your resources, provides solutions to answer the currently unanswerable questions that hinder business growth, and connects recommendations to measurable ROI, making a compelling case for advancing your analytics maturity.

Stage II - Recommendation


Roadmap Development

I will develop a detailed roadmap tailored to your organization's unique circumstances, outlining the steps and initiatives necessary to elevate your analytics maturity to the desired level. This roadmap is crafted considering your available resources and the goals outlined in the business case. All milestones in the roadmap will have an estimated days required for completion and a date.


Risk Assessment

Identify potential risks that might arise along the journey and propose mitigation strategies. A well-informed plan will ensure smoother transitions through the stages of analytics maturity.


Solution Mapping & Value Demonstration

Propose solutions within the roadmap that aim to answer the questions currently unanswerable due to existing analytics limitations, as identified in Stage 1. Ensure every recommendation is tied to measurable value-add, enabling a clear understanding of the ROI from your data investments. Addressing these questions and connecting recommendations to measurable ROI are pivotal for removing hindrances to business growth.


Business Case Formulation

Assist in crafting a compelling business case that underlines the importance of advancing analytics maturity. This case, enriched by an external expert perspective, articulates the clear strategy needed and showcases the tangible benefits awaiting, making a powerful argument for change to management.


Data Literacy Plan

A key part of building a robust analytics roadmap is ensuring that everyone has a basic understanding of the data and Business Intelligence infrastructure. Without this understanding, it's easy for misinterpretations or miscommunications to happen which can lead to poor decision-making. In this optional step, a plan to enhance data literacy across your team or organization can be integrated into the roadmap. This plan will outline what level of understanding is needed and suggest ways to achieve it, like potential training programs or workshops for the future. At this stage, the focus is on planning for data literacy improvement.

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